Property Refurbishment is basically when a property is renovated completely, this is when it has not been updated or modernised for a period of time, anything from 10 years through to 40 or even 50 years. This is usually necessary when you buy an older property, like one of our clients did. The property they bought was a detached house built in the early 60’s which they bought from an elderly couple who hadn’t upgraded the property at all for the many years that they lived there. It hadn’t been updated at all since the original build so when we got there, we got started almost instantly. We ripped everything out of the property and we fitted a new bathroom, new kitchen, re-plastered the walls and even fitted new windows, doors, skirting boards and installed new central heating and rewired the property. This is what we call a full refit, which is when we strip out the old to replace with more modern, nicer looking items instead and we even made the electricity safer in the home too! Sometimes a property refurbishment may be some or even all of the above, depending upon the project specification. It may just be a roof or even chimney repair

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Property Refurbishments: How We Work

We speak to our client first to find out what their needs and requirements are (if the doorways need to be wider for a wheelchair or if hand rails need fitting in the bathroom(s). Usually the schedule of works that we create are in the sequence of events, so things that are going to happen in a certain order will be carried out, which we fully explain in detail to the client. The client will always have a clear schedule and understanding on what is going to be happening to the property where and when.

All off our projects are fully managed by your contracts manager who will be discussing every detail of the work ahead, from the start of the refitting through to the end. They will be ensuring that things are moving forward each day and that the team aren’t behind on something they’re working on within the property.


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