Property Refurbishment is when we undertake a complete renovation.

Sometimes this may be on a property that has not been updated or modernised for a period of time, anything from 10 years through to 40 or even 50 years.

This is usually necessary with an older property.  For example one client purchased a detached house built in the early 60’s from an older couple who hadn’t made any updates to the house since the original build.   We undertook the full refit, starting immediately with removing everything from the property.  The house was re-wired, the walls were re-plastered and new windows, doors, skirting boards and central heating installed along with a new bathroom and a new kitchen.

This property refurbishment is typical of the type of work we undertake, though sometimes it may be a part refurbishment i.e. fitting a new roof or repairing a chimney.

How We Work

First and foremost we speak to our clients to understand their needs and requirements are i.e. if the property is going to be used by someone with access needs and therefore would need the doorways wider for a wheelchair or handrails fitted in the bathroom.

A schedule of works will be created detailing the sequence of events and timescales.

All our projects are fully managed by a contracts manager who will communicate every detail of the work from start to finish.

To discuss your property refurbishment requirements contact us on:

01928 772 761