Work Pal Implementation

Clarke Maintenance Services Work Pal

The Workforce Management digital platform Work Pal has been implemented at Clarke Maintenance Services.

The easy to use system was installed and rolled out to our team of engineers enabling them to quickly record information relating to the projects on the spot using a Tablet device.

Request for building maintenance are received into the office by email or telephone call. The job is inputted into Work Pal and assigned to an appropriate engineer (expertise and location) within minutes.

The engineer receives all the information required to then respond i.e. site address and what is needed. The engineer can then document the time they arrive on site, provide a report of the job, include images from before / during / after completion and obtain a signature from the customer.

The complete job sheet is sent to the office and a copy sent to the client.

Steve Clarke, Contracts Manager comments “The Work Pal system has enabled us to be more efficient in our projects and in communicating with our clients. In doing so we have become an almost paperless office.”

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